Standardized Testing And A Student 's Academic Performance Essay

847 Words Dec 12th, 2014 4 Pages
Standardized tests are exams generated to measure a student’s academic performance. The use of standardized testing in the United States is a controversial issue as some people favor the issue while others oppose it. Although proponents say standardized tests are a fair and objective measure of student achievement, standardized tests should be opted out as they are an unreliable measure of student performance, they are unfair and discriminatory, and they are extremely costly to make. This paper intends to focus on standardized testing and whether it is truly improving education in America.
Standardized tests are an unfair way to measure a student’s performance throughout the school year. They measure only a small portion of what makes education meaningful. According to late education researcher Gerald W. Bracey, PhD, qualities that standardized tests cannot measure include "creativity, critical thinking, resilience, motivation, persistence, curiosity, endurance, reliability, enthusiasm, empathy, self-awareness, self-discipline, leadership, civic-mindedness, courage, compassion, resourcefulness, sense of beauty, sense of wonder, honesty, integrity." To add, other reasons why these tests are unreliable are because they place a great amount of stress on students, and not every student is a good test taker. According to education researcher Gregory J. Cizek, anecdotes abound "illustrating how testing... produces gripping anxiety in even the brightest students, and makes young…

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