Standardized Test Scores And Standardized Tests Scores Essay

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There has been a lot of debate going on in the world that humans are getting dumber. However, there is much evidence to prove this theory to be completely false. The problem with this debate from the beginning has been that it isn’t focused on one thing and people take different sides because the debate isn’t clear. When looking at standardized test scores, such as the ACT, as well as IQ scores humans have gotten overwhelmingly smarter. The contradicting argument that is seen is that the people of the Victorian era are more intelligent than the people of today. The question of whether we are getting dumber is proved false when looking at IQ scores and standardized test scores of the past compared to those of now, based on averages. There is actually even an effect known as the Flynn Effect that supports that people are getting smarter. “The Flynn Effect deals with the issue of how the general IQ scores of a population change over time” (Graham). This is an effect that seems to be widely accepted that IQ scores continue to rise over the years. With IQ scores rising over the years it helps to prove the point that we are getting smarter. It is not only the Flynn Effect that is saying we are getting smarter though. According to Dartmouth College’s Na Eun Oh, “The U.S. population have shown an increase of about 3 points in the average IQ score every decade” (Oh). He also goes on to give the reasoning for why, “The trend of increasing IQ scores over time is generally attributed…

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