Stalin 's Under A Cruel Star Essay

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This political study will define the failure of communism in Czechoslovakia due to the centralized authoritarian regime of Joseph Stalin in the autobiography of Heda Margolius Kovaly’s Under a Cruel Star. Karl Marx defined the foundation of bourgeoisie power through the consolidation of capital and governmental control over the economy and the “alienation” of the exploited working classes. Ironically, Stalin’s authoritarian centralization of governmental power relied more a dictatorial purging of enemies of the state, which included false allegations against Rudolf Margolius’s role as the Czechoslovakian Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade in alleged trading agreements with capitalist countries. However, Heda’s narrative defines the authoritarian methods of Stalin as being counter-productive in eliminating Marx’s true principles of a worker’s state in the witch-hunt of r the Slansky trials. Therefore, communism failed in Czechoslovakia because of Stalin’s dictatorial and authoritarian governance that contradicted Marx’s worker-owned state in the alienation of true communists, such as Rudolf Kovaly. Marx’s communist ideology and the theory of alienation arise out of the capitalist/ bourgeoisie regimes that control the means of production through a consolidated and centralized aristocracy or government body. In this manner, the owner of capital and the means of production (factories, textile mills, etc.) alienates and exploits the laborer through low wages and poor working…

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