Stalin And The Soviet Union Essay

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Under Stalin’s control, the Soviet Union experienced a foundational transformation that served to create a new empire. The Communist Party became the core of the state, forming a government of party leaders and soviets, as well as replacing capitalist elements of the former era with the ideology of socialism. Stalin’s Soviet Union also underwent rapid industrialization, shifting the country’s chief economy from agriculture to manufacturing. Nevertheless, the push for industrialization saw agriculture regress into a system comparable to that of serfdom in tsarist Russia. In terms of leadership, the Soviet Union returned to a nearly autocratic rule as Stalin used his political positions and cult of personality to accumulate a considerable amount of power over the government. Similarly, both Stalin and the tsar employed violence as a tool to maintain power in the face of opposition. In all, the Soviet Union under Stalin emerged as a powerful and industrial empire that, while not the tsarist state, encompassed power and policies akin to autocratic Russia.
From his positions in government and added cult of personality, Stalin assumed a level of power in the Soviet Union hierarchy reminiscent of the former Russian tsar. Starting as a member of the Politburo and Orgburo, and later becoming the Commissar of Nationalities and then General Secretary, Stalin developed a following from rank-and-file party members as a patriotic and loyal Leninist. When Lenin’s health…

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