Stages of Development in Children Essay

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Stages of Development in Children
Anthony Hoolehan
Purdue University - North Central
EDPS - 235 Learning and Motivation
Dr. Joseph Schroer
May 7, 2013


Educational psychology is a very important field to study. It does not always tell you what to do as a teacher, but it can give you the principles to use in making a good decision and a language to discuss your experiences and thinking. This paper has knowledge of great thinkers who help me understand how to be an intentional teacher in the classroom. Piaget and Vygotsky's views of cognitive development help me understand how children think differently and see the world differently. I want to be able to take in and build off what the book gives me and relate certain
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The first characteristic of a high quality teacher is pedagogical knowledge. Pedagogical knowledge is being able to transmit knowledge effectively to students. Effective teachers are those who are able and willing to come up with new ideas to use in the classroom. At Critchfield Elementary, my teacher showed me a creative “baseball” card game that is fun and enhances students’ math skills. She also gave me sheets of paper that have two different types of board games that she got from another teacher at Critchfield. One of the games is set up exactly like the board game Candyland, except whoever created it; they came up with their own ideas. As a future educator, it would be in my best interest to save the rules of the game “Baseball” given to me at Critchfield and use it in my classroom. Another way teachers in the 21st century can transmit knowledge effectively is being able to stay up-to-date with technology. SmartBoards are very efficient in the classroom and it is a program that I am eagerly awaiting to learn how to use. The second characteristic of a high quality teacher is being able to instruct with warmth and enthusiasm. My classroom would be a learning environment that would be decorative, organized, and creative. On the first day of school I would set up the chairs in a giant circle to create an optimal learning environment so the students’ can feel comfortable and relaxed. Effective teachers manage their classrooms with procedures and routines.

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