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As the set designer for The Winslow Boy, I have made several decisions to reflect the characters and to create an accurate re-imagination of a early 1900’s household.

Such as: A warm fireplace adjacent to Arthurs chair, to indicate the warmth and heart of the family. The chair will be placed near to show that Arthur is in a position to look after and protect the family. Arthurs chair will be made out of high quality leather as leather is often used to represent solidity and hardness and masculinity, showing that Arthur is quite a masculine and dominant figure. The chair must be clearly a high quality and long lasting piece of furniture. As if we refer back to the text Arthur mentions he still receives a ‘small pension’ from the bank,
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There will be a table I the centre with Dickies gramophone on it to make it quite awkward and hard for Dickie to pass Arthur and grab his gramophone. There will be a door leading to the dinning room (which is not visible) for Catherine and Grace as the text it mentions that grace and Catherine hide in the dinning room. There will also be an exit towards the garden to allow Ronnie to run and hide. The area will be very clean and spotless to show the brilliant input from Violet, the families care taker. There will be a ash tray next to Arthurs chair to show that he is a smoker or someone in the family smokes, perhaps even the guests. The floor will be made out of oak as a oak tree represents courage, happiness in marriage, health, prosperity, strength, strong constitution, and wealth. Which is exactly what the Winslow family consists off.

I have also decided to set the play ‘in the round’, as I believe this allows the audience and the actors to relate and interact with each other and create a more real and believable piece of drama.

By Julian

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