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St. Martin/Maarten is an island located in the Caribbean Sea. The island was claimed by Spain in 1493 and occupied by the Dutch in 1631. Spain relinquished the island to the Dutch and the French in 1648, who divided the island into two different territories. The two territories have very different cultures. St. Maarten has a population of approx. 42,000 (World Factbook 2017) and is a constituent of the Netherlands. The Prime minister is William Marlin. Saint Martin has a population of approx. 32,000 and is a constituent of France. The Prime Minister is Emmanuel Marcon.
On September 6, 2017, St. Martin/Maarten was struck by Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma was recorded as a category 5 tropical storm. As of September 11, 2017, the death toll between
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Maarten received aide from Red Cross, Samaritan Purse, Royal Caribbean, Spirit Airlines and many other entities. Within less than one week of Irma’s devastation. Family physicians and pharmacies were open for those in need. In terms of public health, St. Maarten’s top priority was to ensure continuous access to medical services and supplies (Minister Lee Reoprts, 2017). Critically ill patients, and those needing dialysis were evacuated to Curacao.
After the Hurricane Irma took place in St. Martin/Maarten, a lot of things regarding health and safety of the residents should be considered. The hurricane left people of this island without electricity, food, and basic needs to survive. After a month of the hurricane’s destructions, the island is barely starting to recover. Most of the people were evacuated a week after the hurricane first hit the island of more than seventy thousand people. Nearly all the schools in the island has been destroyed and will remain close for many months to come (Ahmed,
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d.). This number is only ten percent of population of the French side of the island, despite the huge number of tourists and vacationists (Leading Edge Programme, 2017). The government of the Dutch side of the island made an alert on May 26 of this year, on the official website of the government of Sint Maarten. The alert was about hurricane season and provided an information of needed supplies to get through the first few days after a disaster (The official website of the government of Sint Maarten, 2017). According to the information that provided by magazine the Daily Mail the aid agency examined about 5,500 structures before the hurricane and made an assessment based on photographs procured by the Defense Ministry in the Netherlands (McLaughlin,

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