Sports  Sponsorship  and  Consumer  Purchase  Intention: from  the  Perspective  of  Consumer  Brand  Awareness

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an unknown brand invited a famous movie star as spokesperson, then the consumer would think that at least the brand have certain strength. Again, consumers can also think that is an excellent brand and excellent product. In addition, the brand's emotional identity requires long-term efforts of corporate and brand. Vogue has been walking in the forefront of fashion for years and be recognized as the vane of fashion, which is the result of years of tireless pursuit of fashion and trend guides. Rome was not built in a day; Vogue 's success is not overnight.

2.2 Brand recognition and brand emotion of action and reaction A brand firstly needs to establish a clear and prominent brand personality so that consumers could remember the brand in the short term. And then through continuous brand contact consumers understand the connotation of the brand, and stimulate brand emotional identification. Emotional identity precisely is a long-term mechanism, which can maintain a good relationship between the brand and consumers. In this process, there is a need to emphasize that continuous brand contact is necessary to encourage consumers to arise emotional identification; this would be mentioned in the following sports sponsorship again. On the other hand, emotional identity of the brand can in turn affect brand awareness. In addition to identity motivations of consumption, consumers also hold characteristic
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