Purpose Of Sports Coaching

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According to Nicholls & Jones (2013) the purpose of sports coaching is to improve the performance of an athlete or sports team. This is also reflected by The International Coaching Federation (2014) who defines sports coaching as a process of partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to reach their personal and professional potentials. Cushion (2006) states that a large part of coaching knowledge and practice is based on experiences, such as working with and observing experienced coaches. This provides a great opportunity for a coach to learn and develop his/her understanding from someone with a greater knowledge and experience (Mitchell, 2013).
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Being physically fit enables you to take better care of yourself on the water and not have to rely on the skills and abilities of those around you. While there are some unavoidable situations where injury occurs, most accidents and injuries in kayaking are a direct result of paddler fatigue (Dillon & Oyen, 2009). Dillon & Oyen (2009) suggest that being mentally exhausted while kayaking could result in making poor decisions when reading the river, and physical exhaustion could result in the athlete being flipped over by the flow of water during difficult parts of the river or even being pushed into dangerous zones. However with proper paddling technique and physical fitness most of these accidents and injuries could be avoided (Houston & Fiore, 2001).

Athlete Profile:
The athlete I have chosen to base this assignment on is Shane Harkin. Shane is a 17 year old male, weighs __ kg, is __cm in height and has a Body Mass Index (BMI) of __. Shane is currently a first year student studying a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in _____________ at Letterkenny Institute of Technology. He has a great interest in sports and fitness and is actively involved in a wide variety of different sports, ranging from soccer to Gaelic.
Shane’s primary sport is Kayaking where he plays ______. Shane started Kayaking when he was just 10 years old at his local Kayaking club in Moville.
Shane has won a number of awards and has reached many milestones throughout Kayaking

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