Sports And National Identity Linked Essay

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In what way is sport and national identity linked?

Nowadays, national identity has been highlighted through a significant part of culture, namely, sport (Bairner, 2008). According to Oxford Dictionaries, national identity is ‘A sense of a nation as a cohesive whole, as represented by distinctive traditions, culture and language’. Particularly, it is a sense of belonging to a nation or state (Bairner, 2003) although there are controversial arguments on the concept. As Edensor (2007) point out, national performance produced in modern sport may be the most influential one.

There is an increasing number of literature on the relationship between sport and national identity. Kersting (2007) argues that both positive and negative nationalism could be influenced by sport events, including competitions as well as rituals. However, limited attention so far has been paid to the specific ways in which sport and nationalism is associated with each other. So, the purpose of this study is to explore and explain how sport is linked to national identity rest on documentary analysis.

The paper is structured as follows. The first section presents main factors contributing to the combination between sport and nationalism. The second part focuses on an analysis of five ways, in which sport is linked to national identity and the final section comes to the conclusion.

Main Body
Indeed, nationalism has been spotlighted since athletes or teams represent different countries or…

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