Sports Allow Children And Teenagers Alike Essays

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Sports allow children and teenagers alike to learn how to achieve goals or to simply give them a release from the troubles of their young lives. Schools with sports tend to have higher graduation rates and overall better academic standings than schools without sports. Sports may be expensive, but the impact they have on children is priceless. Sports provide stability, teaches healthy habits, helps channel emotions, and influences the teenagers to work harder for something they want. Sports help teach and encourage responsibility, which is a valuable thing that is used all throughout life. . Without high school sports many teenagers will struggle without the bonding between coaches and teammates. Schools realized the need for high school sports and try their best to keep the sports available to the high school students. Companies such as Dick’s Sporting Goods are starting fund raisers to help keep school sports (McCalmont). Many people realize the need for sports. Imagine your high school years and the sports and clubs you were in, where would you be without them? How would your high school experience be as memorable as now?
In fact the upcoming of high school basketball came around in 1892. As assigned by his instructor Dr. James Naismith, the creator of basketball, had 14 days to make a sport that would catch fire among the youth in America. This school was called Springfield College. The game would keep young men occupied during the off-season of football, baseball, and…

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