Spiritual Effects Of Rape

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People believe that they could never be a victim of sexual assault, but that just is not reality in today’s society. One in every five women have been a victim of sexual assault in their lifetime, and 1.6 million men will also be victims. However, many victims are unable to get the justice they need in pursuing a case such as rape because out of every 1,000 cases, 994 of the perpetrators will walk free (“Statistics”). This means that the United States has thousands of sexual assault criminals walking around the streets, not mentioning the possibility of them attacking again. However, rape does not just stop after the act is done; it lives on in the victim’s brain for the rest of their life. This impacts everything they do on a daily basis, …show more content…
Sexual assault can result in the victim feeling like they have a loss of control, like they did when the assault happened. Feelings of anger and blame are also common. Many begin to feel as though they are “damaged” or “broken.” Some will take the blame upon themselves because they may feel that they “allowed” this to happen, rather than to have fought to try and stop the attack from occurring (“Effects”). One of the most common spiritual effects that rape can have is that it changes the victim’s views on trust. A woman by the name of Noemi was invited to a co-worker’s house in 2011 and was raped that night. Her rape ended up resulting in a pregnancy, and for five months the father did not want anything to do with the child. After Noemi filled for child support, her attacker began to demand for visits. Now, he gets four, unsupervised visits a month, and her biggest fear is that something bad may happen to her child. She put her trust in a man and he betrayed her. In an interview with the victim she said, “Now, I have to text my rapist or email my rapist. To leave my daughter with someone I didn 't trust (Fink).” This is not an uncommon event among rape victims. Every year, thousands are forced to co-parent with their rapist because the states they live in do not have laws protecting victims from having to share custody with the attacker. Anyone that has been convicted with any degree of sexual assault should have no rights to the child that resulted in the attack because it is evident that they cannot control themselves when the opportunity

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