Robert L. Wilken's 'Founded On The Cross Of Christ'

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Question: Read Chapter 1 ‘Founded on the Cross of Christ’ by Robert L. Wilken’s The Spirit of Christian Thought. Are there any things that strike you? What does it say about the relation between faith and our perception of reality?

‘Spirit of Early Christian Thought’ by Robert L. Wilken gives the reader of brief insight into the thoughts of early Christian’s scholars, theologians and the so called new thinker’s. This detailed academic research essay will also give many examples of famous religious figures within the early Christian community, figures such as Justin Martyr of Nablus, Celsus the Greek Philosopher and Origen of Alexandria and how through their influence and power in society created a new spiritual world of thinking in the early
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The Chapter entitled ‘Founded on the cross of Christ’ is based around the thoughts and teachings of these ‘New Thinkers’. It was common knowledge amongst the Early Christian community about how many other long formed religions viewed their faith. It was here that the new thinker’s came to the fore to protect and develop this new faith. One Gentleman involved in preservation and mentioned quite frequently throughout the first chapter is a man by the name of Origen of Alexandria. Born in Egypt in 185 A.D, Origen became known across the region as a shrewd, bold and outspoken operator who was not afraid to challenge any aspect of philosophy, spirituality or the workings or doctrines of theologians or philosophers. However no matter what Origen proclaimed he still remained with the church. In his first act Origen openly ridiculed Celsus, a Greek philosopher’s work and doctrine entitled the ‘True Doctrine’. Celsus had referred to the source of Christian teaching as “Originally barbarian” In response to Celsus’s Doctrine; Origen wrote his own doctrine entitled ‘Against Celsus’. Origen Doctrine was based around the defending of the Christian faith and what it means to be a Christian. ‘Being a Christian means having Love’

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