Spiaggia Analysis

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Spiaggia is an Italian fusion restaurant hailing in the vivacious city of Chicago, Illinois. They take traditional Italian dishes and give them a creative and zany twist that brings in people from all over. Not only are they the only Italian restaurant in Chicago to be four stars but they are also marked as a must see destination for celebrities and higher ups. While the cuisine never loses sight of its Italian roots it still manages to be wonderfully modern. Not to mention they offer and amazing wine selection that comes arm-in-arm with its own sommelier to pair a wine with every course. But no restaurant would be complete without the star studded service to accompany its amazing food. The best part is that they’ve been doing this for a while …show more content…
Chef Tony Mantuano is a James Beard award winner and the executive chef of Spiaggia. He is also half owner of the establishment and has been known in the culinary community for his outstanding work with traditional Italian food. His innovative ideas have kept the restaurant at the top of their game. He follows the rule of serving authentic Italian food, but makes sure to make it interesting and trendy. Although the food on his menu looks complex it is actually very simple. Chef Mantuano believes in keeping it somewhat simple to make sure not to disguise the amazing flavors just waiting to be presented. And even though it’s a four-star establishment, Chef believes that everyone should be welcomed with Italian Hospitality. "Hospitality is something Italians have perfected over the years," he says. "Even in a four-star restaurant, we make you feel …show more content…
It’s the Tutti Frutti. It’s a vanilla pound cake, with passionfruit and cherry panna cotta, and melon bits. Not to mention the beautiful edible flowers that add some flair to the plate giving it color and pizzazz. This has all the components a dessert needs except for a sauce. Its strengths are the vibrant colors of the cherry panna cotta and the flowers that help bring to life that dull pound cake. Another strength is the array of flavors that are tying together. I believe the combination of floral and fruity are complementary. I also think the plate design is very dramatic which gives the guest that “Wooo” factor. The down fall however is that there is no height to this dessert. And the placement is also questionable. They should have put the pound cake at 12 instead of the center of the plate. I feel as if they should also spread out some of the ingredients too so you can actually see what you’re eating. This will make the customer feel as if they’re actually getting their money’s worth. Also returning to the point of the sauce, there are so many dry elements on this plate. Some sort of light fruit sauce would save the customer’s taste buds from being over

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