Essay about Speech : School And Delivery

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Introduction The course that assisted me in the learning outcomes described in this essay is Speech Prep and Delivery. During my communication studies at Ottawa University, the assignment that affected my knowledge the most is the final project presented during this course. Upon completion of the course and this specific project, the learning outcomes are as follows:
• presented compelling speeches;
• demonstrated the ability to communicate competently in various writing styles;
• utilized an array of presentation methods and media to enhance performance skills.
Presented compelling speeches effectively to inform, persuade, and/or entertain a specified audience. In the last week of Speech Prep & Delivery course, I presented a speech for the purpose of persuading an audience to get the most from their tax return preparation; “Get The Money You Deserve.” The preparation for this speech began with researching the topic; how using a tax professional can help taxpayers’ receive a bigger refund, and/or, reduce their tax liability. Using data from previous tax seasons, I determined that the characteristics of the target audience; higher income level, complexity of the return, as well as, anyone with the desire to get every cent of what they are entitled to receive. This is the audience who are likely to be persuaded towards this core message. Once the audience analysis was performed, I began to write the outline for my speech. Using research for the topic; I pulled…

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