Essay about Speech On Friday Night Lights

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Friday Night Lights

Cheering, screaming, and parents coaching from the sidelines; this is only a portion of what goes on at a Friday night football game in Texas. Nothing can get a small Texas town more excited than going down to the local stadium to watch boys fight over a ball. From a Forney High School Highstepper’s perspective Friday nights are the highlights of their fall. Friday night lights bring frenzy and flurry to a small town.
Before a football game, a stranger would think a slumber party commenced in the dance room. Blaring music, continuous screams of laughter, the distinct smell of hairspray in the air. There is the ongoing conversation between girls, while they do their hair and makeup and the ever so obvious scatter of clothing across the entire room. But this is what it takes when you are getting ready to perform in front of a full crowd on a Friday night. Finally we are ready and we’re able to make sure we all have every little, possible unnecessary item we could ever need. On the way out the door, already wanting to peel off our skin due to the sequined costume, the poms are passed out. Nothing can compare to the horrendous smell that radiates from poms and their holder. It is a stench that will haunt your nightmares and stain your hands forever. As we enter the stadium, in a perfectly arranged single file line, all I can smell is barbeque. But not just any barbeque, the smell of hamburger meat as the grill creates symmetrical lines on the perfect…

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