Speech Code : Speech Codes Essay

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The first day back to school has finally come again. As you walk down the freshly waxed halls, the smell of cleaning agents gives you a fresh clean feeling. On your walk to your first college course, you notice something oddly strange about your fellow classmates passing by. You attempt to converse with people but no one replies, you shrug it off. When you arrive to class everyone is quiet. As you head to your seat you begin to notice strange posters all over the classroom labeled “Speech Code.” Upon further inspection you realize there is a speech code that violates your freedom of speech on campus. The sign states what you can’t and can’t say. The sign even has a wide variety of punishments listed for each speech code rule you break. All of a sudden it hits you. Your classmates are not willing to talk due to the speech code. They are afraid of the harsh punishments that come with violating the speech code. You soon begin to realize this is going to be a very long conformed semester. This is why there should not be speech codes on college campuses. With speech codes many conflicts could be prevented. If speech codes are put into effect though, our freedom of speech will be taken away. Freedom of speech made our country what it is today. One of our founding father, George Washington, once said, “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may lead, like sheep to the slaughter.” In George Washington’s case he is stating if we let people take our…

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