Speech: Are You Smarter Than A 4-God '

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Host enters with mic and theme plays
Host: Hello everyone and welcome to, “Are you smarter than a 4-Her!” Today we are going to see if a couple of random county fair goers can do what 4-Hers do! I’m ________ and I’ll be your for host today. Now it’s time to meet our contestants!
Enter Grandma and Townsperson
Host: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage Grandma Smith and Jackson O’Hara. Why don’t you two tell the audience a little about yourselves?
Grandma: (in old lady voice) Well, I have 10 grandchildren and most of them are in 4-H. I used to be in 4-H myself. Now back in my day, we didn’t have them fancy dancy typing machines to type up our reports on. We had to hand write everything and---
Host: Alright. Thank you Grandma.
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Or are you tired after a good workout and need some fresh air?! Well look no further cause I have the newest and coolest product on the market! I’m Bob Bobson and today I am going to show you the most amazing product you have ever seen! It’s called Air in a Bottle!
Ooohs and Aaahs backstage
Commercial Person: With this new innovative product, you no longer have to wait for that cool breeze to come along. Just uncap the bottle and a blast of cool air comes out! You can order your’s now for only 19.99 and if you call right now you can get another Air in a Bottle free after a purchase of one bottle! Call 1-800-555-9874 now and order your Air in a Bottle today! (say the next line quickly like you’re saying the warnings for medicine)
This product is for a one time use only. Air in a Bottle Inc. is not responsible for any hair loss, vision loss or injury of any kind to customer. Some side effects of air coming out of the Air in a Bottle include nausea, vomiting, headaches and possibly death.
Commercial Person exit
President Obama enters
President Obama: I’m President Barack Obama and I approve this
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The correct answer was, don’t wait till two weeks before county fair to do all your projects. Since it is still a tied game, we will move onto the County Fair Challenge! The first person to get through the Course of Country wins! Let’s walk through the course now, shall we? First we have the Corn Hole toss, where you must at least hit the board to move on. The next is the Rodeo Ring, in which you most take the stick horse and ride around the ring 3 times. And last but not least we have the Redneck Round-Up, where you have to lasso on of the fake bulls. First contestant to complete the Course of Country wins! On your marks, get set,

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