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Suggested Title: The science behind the art of espresso making!
Suggested Title: Make the best espresso ever in 8 simple steps!
Suggested Title: Everything you wanted to know about espresso brewing!
A well made espresso is a combination of perfectly roasted coffee beans ground to particles of the perfect size, which are then subjected to water at the perfect temperature and pressure. Too many "perfects" in one sentence, you say?
Damn right! But the results are nothing short of heavenly once you have mastered the art of espresso brewing. A concentrated beverage that offers a memorable flavor, aroma and aftertaste, espresso is not just the steaming liquid but also the rich, aromatic crema that tops it.
No more than 2.5 ounces when
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However, if you want a full bodied espresso with impressive crema topping it, you may want to try a blend of Arabica and Brazils. With the latter being significantly cheaper, this will bring down the cost of the bean blend.
The roast: Although the general misconception is that any dark roast will do for an espresso, what you actually need is a city medium roast. A darker roast will give a sweeter taste as the natural sugars in the beans get caramelized. However, make sure that the beans are roasted no more than 2-3 days prior to shipping. The fresher the beans the better will be the taste.
Also, ensure that you don't go for the oily, wet looking beans. If the oils seep to the surface, it just means that the beans have been roasted to the point of death.
The grounds: Always use a conical ceramic burr for grinding espresso beans. The Broyeur Manual Coffee Mill will give you just the right amount of grounds for a shot of espresso. Go for the second last setting for the burr, which will get you fine grounds, a notch above the talcum powder fine needed for Turkish.
Preparing the espresso!
• Step 1: Warm the cup by pouring some hot water in it so that the brew is not subjected to sudden temperature changes that will spoil the

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