Species Extinction Essay

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The world has been changing every single day ever since it was created, in many different ways. Although, lately, in the area of animal extinction, these changes haven’t been for the better. These changes have caused unfortunate incidences raising the amount of species extinction in a dangerously significant way. Even though species extinction is a natural process in our world and is something that is bound to occur, the unnecessary things causing extinction need to be slowed down and prevented as much as possible, because this is harmful to humans, the world may end up with little to no animals in the near future due to lack of human awareness, and this is something that people can stop.
The issue of species extinction is not often touched
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One thing people can do is reduce their carbon footprint. Simple things like turning off the lights and recycling consistently can add up to become more beneficial to the ecosystem than anyone may realize ("Ten Easy Things You Can Do to Save Endangered Species"). Another great way people can help is by not purchasing products made from animals, particularly the endangered ones. This happens way too often and is one of the biggest causes of animal extinction, so by not participating in this is a great choice that will save plenty of species. Lastly, people should protect and avoid harming animal habitats as much as possible ("Ten Easy Things You Can Do to Save Endangered Species"). Human activities such as logging and the development of neighborhoods and corporations are overtaking these animal’s homes. These homes are essential to these animals, most not being able to survive without them. Humans are fortunate enough to have the ability to adapt to most of their surroundings, while most animals have very specific places they need to live in. By taking these places away, people are changing their habitat in the wrong way, which usually ends in the death of those animals. Preserving them is the best option to assure these species last into the future. Fixing this mass extinction could be a lot of work, but together, humans can make a

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