spanish paper

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Spanish-Excursion Paper

November 8, 2013
Excursion Paper

My tour around El Museo Del Barrio in Harlem, New York was a very memorable visit and I got in touch with my Spanish ancestors. There was mix of positive and negative Spanish history but none the less a very knowledgeable trip. One part of Hispanic culture that I feel is at the top of importance is the reign of Fidel Castro. To live under his rule must of have been terrifying and a childhood testimony of it is a in depth view of the dictatorship. The author of a piece of art whose name is Bernardo Navarro
Tomas. He made 3 paintings of fidel castro. The first one was a picture of four images of fidel castro and he is speaking through microphones. The next
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In one of his pieces of work he has wooden crates and bronze vases. This as read in the caption is seen as global trade and emigration. This is supposed to be seen as the migration of people and goods on rafts. In another drawing that Hector has a King Charles receiving a pineapple from his gardener. This is not a great scene, but it does show how even in the colonial era, foreign kings tasted fruits that were well known in the Caribbean islands. The Caribbean islands are wel known for their tropical beauty as well as fresh fruit that must be tasted upon arrival. The amazon is someplace that I am familiar with and actually a small part of Peru, my motherland. The scene is a combination of species. There are gorillas, jaguars, elephants, and a combination of seemingly alive and dead humans. The amazon is known to be a wildlife’s setting where there are no rules in the wild. Each species are on different leveled platforms with a humans head at the top. One thing noticed is a hand with a round object in it. In the amazon this could mean the possible holder of power among the animals. Throughout New York, the hispanic community has always endured many hardships. From
Shortages of jobs, there is always a need to make money. Manuel Vega has shown the form of hustle in his painting ‘Sabado en la Ciento Diez.’ This has to be one of my favorite paintings because I have friends from Spanish harlem who were involved in that

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