This Is How You Lose Her Summary

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The use of Spanish elements in “This is How You Lose Her”
“This is How You Lose Her” is a story written by Junot Diaz and unlike other literally works themed around immigration this particular story paints the image of a disjointed atmosphere which is created by the use of a voice-driven plot. The book is a collection of many stories which are not connected though they are all narrated the same person whose name is Yunior. Yunior has been the narrator in several other books written by Junot Diaz though this time he takes the form of a Dominican guy who is not only reckless but is also not capable of loving other people full-heartedly (Some might disagree). His life is turned into fragments whereby his past and present unfold in patterns and cycles instead of the usual progression found in most novels.
The author uses contrast in the
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The word “invierno” is Spanish for winter. As described in the novel, Yuniour, his mother and brother immigrated to America at a time when there was a sever northeast winter. Even the freezing winter temperatures were no comparison to their father who was a cold-blooded man as confessed by Yunior when he admits that “a father is a hard thing o compass”. As explained in the novel, Yunior’s father often spent most of his time in the US, where he worked hard to save up money. While he was in America, Yunior’s father would leave his family behind in a very dirty and poor neighborhood which was known as Santo Domingo. Due to his absence from home, Yunior has very unclear childhood memories of his father. According to him as a young boy, his father was just a strange mane who took a busted-up taxi to their house and occasionally brought toys that were too old that they immediately broke down. It is no wonder that the author chooses to use the Spanish term for winter to describe Yunior’s

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