Essay on Spain 's Influence On Spain

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Spain’s Bourbon Reform really came most under Charles III and worked to serve Spain’s interests. The Bourbon reformers Philip V and Ferdinand VI both had little success and had failed to change Spain’s government and economic growth. When Charles III was in control of Spain, he managed to increase Spain’s economic profits and increase political control. The Bourbons of France took power over Spain in 1700. The Bourbon kings’ main goal was to create an absolute monarchy. With an absolute monarchy government, the Bourbon kings would have absolute power the people of Spain and would be granted unrestricted political power over the colonies which gave the Bourbon kings more control over the colonies. The Bourbon kings were left with several problems that needed to be addressed. The kings were left with a bankrupt kingdom due to the Seven Years War from 1756 to 1763 against the Europeans. Spain and France went into the Seven Years War together in order to defeat the Europeans. Spain was in desperate need for revenue and feared that they would lose their territory. Both France and Spain lost the war. Spain was very vulnerable after the Seven Years War had ended due to war debt. In order to solve Spain’s war debt problem Spain would need more money by looking for resources to sell and raise taxes on the colonies. The second issue that the Bourbon kings needed to solve was Spain had a poor system of colonial administration because the Hapsburgs sold top…

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