Essay about Spain, Great Britain And France

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Spain, Great Britain and France all had different reasons for exploring and colonizing the New World, however many of the same consequences occurred from their actions. Spain continued their search for gold, as well as for slaves in the New World, which was later named America. Great Britain, although joining later in the century began to explore America as a result of social unrest due to inflation within Britain. France was also experiencing social unrest within the country in the form of religious prosecution. Each country wanted to gain riches, however each was also in the search of something else, such as land, economic stability and religious freedom. Their pursuits of these things lead to the contact with the Natives who inhabited America. This contact had extremely negative effects on the Native population. Each country and the Natives were forever changed by these pursuits and contacts. After the astounding success of the Spanish to conquer, enslave and procure such enormous riches from the Bahamas and surrounding areas, the Spanish looked to conquer even more land. They turned their sights to America. They explored, but upon finding no gold and the territory not as populated the Spanish turned away. They did return, however and built cities and plantations. “Spanish colonization began in earnest in 1769 with the establishment of a mission in the Native village of Cosoy, later called San Diego by the newcomers. The Spanish institutions of colonization were the…

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