How Did New Spain Influence American Colonization

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Due to the different resources available in the colonies along with the European’s primary goal, the patterns of interactions greatly varied between the European settlers and the Native Americans depending on the location. In New York, the interactions centered primarily around trading war products and fur while, in New Spain, the settlers mainly focused on spreading their religion and starting missions. The interactions in the two regions developed in similar way since every group wanted to strengthen their regions politically and economically by creating alliances and increasing trade; however, they did differ due to how the Europeans in the west mainly came to North America in pursuit of independence while the settlers of New Spain wanted to spread their religion.

Both New York and New Spain were heavily populated by native groups before European colonization. For instance the Iroquois villages varied in population, from several hundred to two thousand. The Iroquois traded among themselves for mostly ceremonial and social reasons, and they appear to have engaged in little trade with other groups. In the area of present day California, there were more than three hundred thousand
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Philip Freneau wrote in his “Poem on the Rising Glory of America” about the popular cities of “Cusco, Lima, and / The town of Mexico” He speaks about the towns were built from “Indian architecture,” however when the colonists came in, “the arms / Of haughty Spain disturb’d the peaceful soil.” As the Catholic missions moved in and military forts were built from from Florida to the Southwest, the American Indians who had lived on the land revolted, and rival colonial powers Britain and France fought Spain for control of North America. As the mission system expanded, the relations between the countries and the Native Americans eventually soured, as they did everywhere Europeans and Native Americans came into

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