Space Hotel Case Study

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The space hotel is named Caelum, which is the Latin term for space, universe, and heaven. This name represents the future of luxurious travel, taking humans into outer space on an amazing vacation. Not only is this an amazing chance to travel into space and live there for a week or two, but it is also a once in a life time opportunity. Caelum lets the people who have already traveled to all seven continents get the full experience, and travel to a place “out of this world”. This space hotel requires complex life support systems in order for the ship to be habitable. The ship must be protected from the elements of outer space, and must also maintain a healthy environment both for mental and physical stability.
Caelum is
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There are three types of radiation humans can be exposed to including galactic cosmic rays, belt radiation, and solar flares. These types of radiation can all be dangerous and can cause some serious long term effects on the body. If an astronaut is living in outer space for seven to fourteen days, he will be exposed to approximately fifty x-rays in the chest. This is five times the maximum dosage of radiation per year. Radiation exposure can lead to cancer, damage in the reproductive system, cell damage, and death. To prevent the radiation from harming the passengers, they can be provided with antioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E. On the walls of the space hotel, there can be a layer of polyethylene, which is a plastic that contains a high content of hydrogen. Polyethylene is commonly found in water bottles. The walls can also store the drinkable water used for consumption. Because water contains hydrogen, this would also be a great radiation shield. By using the Oxygen Generation System as a backup oxygen source, the hydrogen that is separated can be used as a radiation shield between the walls also. Caelum is located in Low Earth Orbit, which is partially protected by the Van Allen Radiation Belt. This provides some protection from the dangerous radiation that the passengers can be exposed …show more content…
This system can be used on Caelum to help maintain the ship’s atmosphere by maintaining a constant temperature and removing humidity, according to the lesson 4 reading. The average temperature in outer space varies between 121 degrees Celsius and negative 157 degrees Celsius, based on where the station is located. To maintain a constant and comfortable temperature on the ship, the exterior walls can contain a sheet of multi-layer insulation. This insulation is made of a thin layer of Mylar which is an aluminized silver mesh. Because it is aluminized, this will prevent the solar thermal radiation from penetrating the walls. Mylar is a super thin material – about 3/10000 inches thick – which is protected by a thick layer of

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