Space Exploration Essay

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Is the United States Wasting Our Money in Space or Would it be Better Used at Home?

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Mar 10, 2013

Is the United States Wasting Our Money in Space or Would it be Better Used at Home?
While some may believe that space exploration funding could be better used to solve some of the issues on earth, the United States should continue to fund space exploration. The things learned from space exploration will help further scientific and medical research to find cures for diseases, space exploration also provides jobs and helps to increase the economy in some areas, and some of the products developed for space can help improve how we live on earth. By funding space exploration, the United States is able to
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Some of the research conducted by NASA is to improve products and technologies that are already in use. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) was not invented by NASA engineers, but NASA labs developed digital image processing to enhance pictures of the moon. That allowed MRIs and computerized tomography (CT) known as CAT Scans. (Brinson, L 2011). This technogly is used to provide imaging of the brain, muscles, and cancers. Unlike X-rays it does not use radiation which can be harmful. These images are used by doctors and other medical staff members to identify abnormalities under the skin. This is another product of research conducted for space exploration. These are only two of many medical products and or technologies that have come from research developed for space exploration which has help to improve our lives. The funds spent on space exploration in this case has been a huge benefit not only to space exploration but the health and well being of the country as a whole. By the funds being spent on space exploration it was able to serve more than one purpose. It was able to produce products to help in both in space and here on home. The economy and jobs within the United States could also be increased in some areas due to space exploration. Technological change exerts a particularly important influence on the national rate of economic growth. (Schnee, J 1983). Space exploration has been a large factor in

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