Essay on Soviet And The Soviet Union

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When we talk about the Soviet Union we immediately must talk about the following factors that apply to it. The first factor has to be the impact of Soviet federalism on the non-Russian peoples. The other factor is what the Soviet Union did to the surrounding countries. We will discuss whether or not the Soviet Union created nations, harmed nations, or both. Two important historians will help shape my argument and maybe even each other’s. Whether it was a positive or not, the fact of the matter is Soviet federalism had an impact on the non-Russian people. It is unclear what the relations were exactly during the early 1900’s although they appeared to be negative as the Soviet Union seemed to not care about the non-Russians. Kappler claimed that, “Their (Bolsheviks) actions were primarily determined by power politics and global revolutionary expansionism.” He later goes on to say that it was not because of the, “Social liberation of the proletariat and the people’s right to self-determination.” These were the typical platforms of the USSR that they “tried” to follow. Kappler argues that they never once tried to follow this; they simply did it to conquer and claim land. Brigit Braur supports Kapplers idea by stating, “The real reason for the mass deportation was an attempt by Moscow to destroy the Chechens.” This all happened during World War II which was during Stalin’s time. The soldiers of Russia came to the Chechens home, in which there was a celebration held for them, and…

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