Southwest Airlines Culture Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Southwest Airlines demonstrated a perfect performance in terms of corporate culture. Over the years, the company has imposed a strong corporate culture that made the company even stronger. I will apply Schein’s framework to approach practice of Southwest Airlines that the company centers around the relation privileged with its employees and the employee focused culture lead to Southwest Airlines successful. By adapting the Schein framework, we can approach understanding of the organizational culture of Southwest …show more content…
Organizational culture strength based on how broadly and deeply employees hold the company’s values and basic assumptions. In a strong organizational culture, most employees embrace all beliefs and values that through well-established creations and artefacts, as a result of that those values are difficult to change. Furthermore, strong cultures tend to be long-lasting. (Ojo,O. 2009) According to Sun, shili (2008), a strong culture (one in which beliefs and values are widely shared and strongly held) can also offer many advantages. Southwest creates a strong organizational culture that majority of the people hold the same basic beliefs and values as applies to the organization. The performance of employees improves by strong culture in Southwest Airlines. A strong culture provides Southwest Airlines with immersing everyone in the culture immediately and has awareness of culture. Thereby, every individuals in the Southwest Airlines with shared values that assist employees achieve organizational goals …show more content…
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