Southern Peninsula Wines Mission And Vision Essay example

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I / Organisation Overview
A / Southern Peninsula Wines mission & Vision

The Southern Peninsula Wines is a family business owned and managed by two brothers with Italian heritage.
They want to create a business entity that will last towards generation to be carry on, based on high distinctive quality products, reinforced by strong bonds with their partners and customers.
As recognised like quality international wine makers, they intend to use their success over the ten past years to develop their business on international markets by keeping in mind their ‘state of art’ in the wine industry.

B / Strategic goals of Southern Peninsula Wines

Southern Peninsula Wines aim to become a well-known wine producer recognised for its family’ heritage in the wine industry that insure high quality distinguished wine products.
They intend to create a business family that will last over generation to carry on.
To ensure the development of Southern Peninsula Wines accordingly to their visions, the two brothers’ owners wish to grow their business by:

• Ensuring a family heritage and tradition in the wine making industry.
• Proposed high quality wines with reasonable prices from the typical vineyards of Southern Peninsula region of Victoria.
• Develop a strong sense of attachment towards their brand with their customers.
• Build long lasting business relationships with their business’ partners.
• Increase their local and international reputation towards wine awards recognition.
• Ensure the…

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