South Vietnam And The United States Essay

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South Vietnam had many of the same desires for freedom as North. Divided by the 17th parallel as also given by the Geneva Agreements of 1954 South Vietnam had many resource advantages over the North. With the richness of the delta’s this gave them access to ports and fishing. The Republic of Vietnam (RVN) or South Vietnam (SV) were allies with the United States and their allies. Like North Vietnam, South Vietnam was seeking full independence, forming a nationalist country. The (RVN) was ruled by a number of men during its existence.
From Prime Minster to the first president of the (RVN), Ngo Dinh Diem served as their leader from 1954 to 1963. Diem was an anti-colonialist who worked with the United States in an attempt to secure South Vietnam. Diem whose father was well-educated, and worked for the Emperor Thanh-Thai. “Diem’s family was one of the earliest converted to Catholicism”. Diem, like Minh, had a father who was an ardent nationalist, resigned his position within his government post, in protest against the French. (Frankum and Maxner).
Diem’s mission as the nine-year ruler of South Vietnam was simple, to create a stable country, make it a viable anticommunist state, and retain power through a centralized government. This mission was sidetracked when he refused to participate in general elections of 1956. It was from his fear of interference of the Viet Minh, Diem knew there wouldn’t be a free and fair election. “Stubborn, ruthless, and perhaps justifiably paranoid,…

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