Source of Motivation Essay example

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Motivation is the act or process of motivating; a stimulus, influence, incentive, or drive. Motivation occurs rather its internal or external. Motivation is a way to encourage us to achieve our goals. A reward or incentive to push someone to complete their goal. A drive within yourself (personal or business) to complete your goal. For example, I know if I get my degree I will earn more money and have better hours at work. Internal and external factors play a big role in motivation and will get you to the next level and bring much success. External factors of motivation are good for the people who don’t have much will power within themselves to accomplish a goal. Receiving a reward or incentive alter a goal is completed will keep …show more content…
The client use more of external factors to be motivated. As a team leader I use different client behavior to motivate them to do better or making better decision. For example, if I have several clients that are acting up; I will separate them from other clients and counsel them on their behavior. I will setup an agreement for them to sign and if they abide by it, they will receive extra time on phone call; outside recreation or be a captain throughout the shift. The clients are motivated through external factors to maintain a good behavior. Giving them privileges by rewarding them will motivate them to change their behavior and start acting good. Motivation is exhibit in behavior if a person is motivated by money, they will work hard to be successful at making money. I am motivated to get my degree so I can be more of an assistance to the problems that juveniles faces today. My behavior is focus on reaching that goal and motivating myself more even when I am tired or feel like it is too much to deal with. Another example using one of the clients; they have a release date and it can change due to good or bad behavior. Having a good behavior the client may go home in 5 months, and bad behavior can be extended to 8 months. Most of the clients strive for the 5 month goal so they can keep a positive attitude and try to stay away from negativity or other things that increase the length of their stay. Motivation plays a

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