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It is a boon for me to be born and brought up in a family where teaching and education are given utmost importance. My family members supported in studies and hard work to acquire real zeal of knowledge which has provided continuous encouragement, guidance and force to me. Taking advantage of this, I have shown extraordinary performance as an all-rounder. From beginning of my carrier, the desire of becoming a doctor and serving humanity existed since my early childhood. I chose Science as my major in the HIGHER
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In the world of two biggest giant democratic countries, it’s worth thinking as people of both the countries are eating well nourished and cherished sweet fruits of the deeply rooted democracy with having similar past and working for same goal “The Betterment of People” with the help of technologies, good research work and proper administration. Having acquired primary knowledge in country like India now, I wish to pursue my further higher studies and contribute to betterment of this world by studying in another democratic giant and faster growing nation U.S.A. I strongly believe that USA possesses a highly advanced technology and hence the health care professionals and technocrats there are able to fulfill their academic goals. I would get an opportunity to acquire a scientific approach in studies and professionalism by pursuing higher studies in USA. Moreover, US Universities offer specialized courses and also have well equipped laboratories for research. So, when I took around for a place to pursue my cherished career, I found no better place than USA. The country like USA is leading far ahead in the field of health administration among countries of the world. Therefore I am very keen to study in the field of health administration in your distinguished institution. It is my pleasure to let you know that I am

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