Sonny's Blues Narrator

James Baldwin wrote Sonny’s Blues the short story. In Sonny’s Blues, the narrator is

self-analyzing his experiences with different family affiliate such as his younger

brother, mother and Sonny. In the story both the narrator and Sonny are apart with

seven years difference in age. The narrator was dissatisfied with Sonny at first on

his passion in becoming a musician. He thought it was an aspect Sonny was going

through and maybe it would go away. The older brother indulges Sonny with his

deceitful interest in music at first until it angered Sonny.

There are things we learn of Sonny and his brother in Sonny’s Blues. For example,

we learn their trait, hobbies, addiction with drugs and even occupations. In the story

we leaned
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Just as Sonny felt unaccompanied and

Vulnerable, he could not talk about it to anyone. At the end, Sonny and the narrator

were able to come to a common understanding of each other by the sound of Jazz

music. When the narrator went on Sonny’s region, which was the Club, it was

actually Sonny’s brother way of accepting Sonny. The narrator’s disapproval of

Sonny’s decision on becoming musician through his experiences with musician has

led him to accept that they are drug users and only seeking to escape of reality of

life. He does not know what actually motivated Sonny to play music before Sonny

started performing at a club in Harlem. When Sonny explained to his brother about

that music was his way of expressing all the suffering and releasing his deep

feelings. The agreement came into him actually accepting was when he started

listening to the music and observing Sonny play and express his feeling on the piano.

Where the older brother was saddened in Sonny’s choice of being a musician, he

now grasps it. The narrator love is unconditional. The narrator was able to change

his mental outlook about life, himself and most of all, Sonny’s choice after listening

to Sonny play the music of

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