Sonnet 116 By William Shakespeare And Elizabeth Barrett 's Poem

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For this assessment, I will study Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare and Elizabeth Barrett’s poem: Sonnet 43. William Shakespeare was an English poet during the Elizabethan era and was regarded as one of the greatest English poet of all times. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 is one of his most famous, yet poignant sonnets that had been written. The main poem explores on the theme of love, religion nature; love being the central aspect, but the poet does not address the poem to any speaker, rather it explores on the reasoning of love as a concept. The second poem of analysis will be on Elizabeth Barrett’s poem: Sonnet 43. Barrett was born in 1806 and was recognised as an English poet of the Romantic Movement and was a very prominent poet during her era, both in the U.S and the U.K. Barrett also shows the theme of love, nature and religion in her poems. In this essay, I will explore the ways relationships are presented in sonnet 116 and sonnet 43.
The poem ‘Sonnet 116’ explores different aspects of relationships. This is revealed in the first two verses, where the poet declares that marriage is an integral part of relationships: ‘Let me not to the marriage of true minds.’ Here, the poet makes a declarative statement and this stamps down his strong view on relationship having no restriction and that there shouldn’t be any reasons as to why relationships – any forms of relationship wouldn’t work. This further builds a vivid image that ‘love’ is an integral part of life and an essential…

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