Somalia Is Best Identified As A Country With The World And The African Continent

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Somalia is best identified as a country with the term “Third World” doggedly attached to its status amongst the nations of the world and the African continent. Located at the most eastern edge of Africa, Somalia could actually move itself off of this lowly “Third World” designation amongst African nations due to the key role it could play in the shipping industry. Because of its prime location, strategically located between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean the current, or any, future government of Somalia, if they were to attempt to develop the port facilities along its coastline for commercial purposes by providing substantial services to the shipping industry, would then likely spur an economic boom and resultant prosperity which would likely benefit the people of Somalia and perhaps provide the impetus to abandon the “Third World” status that has been identified with the country for decades. However, Somalia remains significantly poor, uneducated, struggling to meet even the most basic of necessities for the people to feed themselves and to sustain any sort of economic progress. For this reason the Somalia’s have taken to activities of pirating and holding for ransom, some of the large shipping vessels that they could be servicing lawfully in Somalia ports-of-call if only the government would seek international assistance to develop the facilities. Much has been made of the Somalia pirates in the international press and through Hollywood movies showing these…

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