Effects Of Al Shabbab

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Register to read the introduction… The insurgency is blamed for catastrophic attacks aimed against Somali nationals and foreign aid workers. In June 2006, members of Al Shabbab kidnapped four western aide workers and more than a dozen Somali’s. (Article, Fall of Mogadishu Leaves US Policy in Ruins, The Guardian 2006). This incident greatly affected the presence of aid workers in Somalia and has resulted in the African Union amending its policy on sending western aid workers into Somalia. Shabbab has also carried out car bombing attacks at the African Union base in Mogadishu. In addition to other failed state factors, the threat of violent acts of power, either by direct application, virtual, indirect or hidden use of power by insurgents, has left Somali in a constant state of …show more content…
New Wars refer to the concepts of privatizing wars, removing politics from the state equation and replacing with brutal force, and resource scarcity and abundance. The idea of privatizing wars has been implemented since the end of the Cold War and it describes the notion that war has evolved from and “blurred conventional distinctions between peoples, armies and governments....” (Chabal, 2005, pg 19) The concept is that money replaces politics and ideology as the main weapon for war. This certainly can be seen in many countries all over the world, from Opium sales to support the war in Afghanistan, to oil wars, and in the case of Somalia, piracy to support illicit leaders, privatized wars have seen an increase since the Cold War era and it can be argued that there are more private wars currently existing than any point since the signing of the Westphalia Treaty. Chabal indicates that warlords have manipulated the international community and aid agencies into funding civil wars for their own purposes, funding sophisticated weaponry and training, which has been manipulated to fall under the auspice of creating state

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