Solution For Obesity

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Obesity is a major problem society faces everyday. This problem is worldwide but mostly in
“the United States, Canada, Australia, and England”. (Article “Diet, Nutrition, and Weight issues among children and adolescents) This problem is way too hefty but no one decides to stand up for it. Overweight has become way too big of an issue due to the habits of people 's diet.
People have become so used to this unhealthy eating that they rather not prevent it anymore.
Children and young adults are the most affected by this eating disorder they are being affected by causing themselves into eating unhealthier every time, pushing themselves to health risks such as diabetes, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and many more health risk factors.
There are
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Society has come up with many solutions for obesity and overweight people. The main problem is the solution are there just that people don’t take them to their advantage. Parents should take a step now and convince not only themselves but their children to do the correct thing and take care of their eating habits and body weight now when they are young before it’s too late. A solution that can be good but not the best were things such as “boot camps” as said in the article. Boot camps would be a great/excellent way to reduce obesity but think about it, do parents really have time and money for camps like those? Another solution that is realistic but not the best would be “major surgeries”. Major surgeries can be taken into thought but why would parents want to spend money on unnecessary surgeries when their children and them can be physically active and do not have to spend nearly thousands of dollars trying to be in shape. Now, on the other hand looking at the good side of those to reducing weight thoughts, the idea of a boot camp would be a great and fast way to losing weight. It

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