Solution Focused Therapy For Counseling Essay

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Solution Focused Therapy is a brief therapy that is a future focused; goal directed therapy model that is more concerned with solution building than it is the problem that brought the client in for counseling. Developed by Shazer and Berg, SFT is a collaborative approach that is used to promote change in client’s behavior by having them envision a future without their problems and helping them realize that they are the experts in their lives. By helping them realize that they are the experts they then understand that they are adept at solving their own problems using their strengths, values, and abilities. Although collaborative in approach, the therapist would take on a not-knowing, naivety stance while still exploring client strengths and ways they’ve handled problems in the past, which would hopefully help them solve their current problems.
Solution focused Therapy takes a holistic look at problems, and view problems as a product of poor interactions between the individuals as whole, not personal deficits of each individual. Although the focus of Solution Focused Therapy is providing solutions, the family would still be encouraged to discuss their problems. It is important that the family identify what they believe the problem is because it provides information on what they perceive the problem to be, as well as how they’ll know the problem has been solved. When it comes to the family in this case, the solution focused model would focus on the negative circular…

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