Write An Essay On Refugee Crisis

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What is the Problem The worldwide refugee crisis has uprooted a record 60 million people from their homes, the most since the end of World War II. Millions have fled from their homes, desperately escaping death, destruction, oppression of war and unfathomable living conditions. These people travel from countries like Syria and Iraq to places in Central America and Africa, looking for an escape. Many of the refugees may apply for asylum outside their home country and are eligible for certain legal protections. In the last year, civil war has forced 15 million people to flee Syria and Iraq; 1.1 million people have been displaced in Yemen; more than 500,000 have fled South Sudan; 190,000 in Burundi; and 300,000 in Libya, according to U.N. Refugee Chief Antonio Guterres (Crane-newman, Molly). In Syria alone, health care and educations are collapsing, the economy is ruined, and children are in …show more content…
The United Nations estimates that it will cost a total of 7.7 billion dollars to provide emergency support and stabilization to families throughout the region. Refugees are in need of food aid, health services, hygiene support, shelter, winterization supplies.The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, or UNHCR, is dedicated to providing lifesaving assistance such as shelter, food, water and medical care to refugees who arrived in Europe. Mercy Corps, the second-largest operation in Syria, is currently addressing the needs of 7.7 million people in Syria and surrounding countries. World Vision is a Christian humanitarian that also works to address the basic needs of refugees. World Vision works to bring Iraqian children education and recreation, teaching them programming for life skills, peace building and resilience. They are also working on creating child-friendly spaces, providing child protection training for adults, and assisting children with psychosocial

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