Solomon Davies Warfield

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The Bold Actions of Solomon Davies Warfield The word bold means, according to the dictionary, “Not hesitating or fearful of actual or possible danger.” Solomon Davies Warfield was a huge part of why Indiantown is around today. He took many bold actions towards the foundation of Indiantown. The bold actions were so great that there is a school named after him. Solomon Davies Warfield was a pioneer who took bold actions to come to this farm land and establish a town. “Martin County was founded in 1925,” according to Mary Jones, the director of the Stuart Heritage Museum. Indiantown is known today for its local people, tourist attraction, and great agriculture. The Seminole Inn was founded and established by Solomon Davies Warfield in 1926. The Seminole Inn was originally designed for Mr. Warfield’s guests. The price of constructing the Seminole Inn was $66,000 that is a bold action to spend that much money on a hotel in farmland. Indiantown is known for its agriculture such as cattle and citrus. The agricultural business started in the early 1930’s. During the 1960’s, Indiantown built the first citrus processing plant which processed lemons. There are approximately 6,083 people living in Indiantown in a six mile squared area. People choose to live there because there is lots of farmland, even though it is hot, humid, and rainy. …show more content…
Solomon Davies Warfield had such a big effect on Indiantown that there is an elementary school named after him. In Indiantown there is one main road which is named Warfield Blvd. There is also an airport located in Indiantown. People remember Solomon Davies Warfield because he created one of the most important and historical towns in Martin County. “Indiantown is a small, quiet town just outside the fast paced, rapidly growing South Florida metropolitan area.” Indiantown today is a very important economic area due to Solomon Davies Warfield’s bold

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