Software : Software And Design Essay

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Software: Software is a collection of programs, documents, user manuals and the application itself called software. Software is developed for a specific customer requirement
Product: Product is a process of designing and developing a device that produces an item for sale, it can develop for an overall requirement in the market.
The software is different from other engineered products. Let us take an engineering/hardware product, once the product is design and went into the production, it’s set up to manufacture a number of multiple products at a time. Take an example to produce a certain instrument, the process could take as
• Design the infrastructure and model of an instrument.
• Develop a prototype of that instrument production.
• Modify the small changes in the design, remove unwanted elements in the production based on the prototype.
• Set up instrument production for mass manufacture
• Produce the instrument to use the required numbers to set-up the production process.

Software is a systematic approach, it consists of requirement analysis, documentation, designing, developing phase, testing phase, release and maintenance phase. Each phase has its own process models and techniques. Software can have of extremely very high complexity that make difficult to understand the software, finally its leads to make human errors. The software is very difficult to handle if it is not approached in a proper way. In the software development process, there are several issues, those…

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