Software Problems Midsouth Chamber of Commerce Essay

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In recent years, board members and staff of the Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (MSCC) have been trying to update their information system. Their information has steadily required more capabilities and in pursuit of better more efficient capabilities they have made several missteps that have cost them a very large sum of money. They have had personnel acquire information systems that did not meet the requirements of MSCC. The cost of these nonfunctioning systems has been in excess of $277,000.00 dollars. MSCC is now on their third person to manage the acquisition of an information system that will meet all the current and
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Furthermore, not enough value was placed on the problems experienced by similar organizations, i.e., the Lake Erie Chamber of Commerce. The bottom line is if DMA was unable to solve the other chamber’s problems, what would make you think that they would be able to solve the MSCC’s problems?
Another huge mistake that was made was paying the entire contract amount. This was clear evidence that MSCC's acquisition personnel did not understand what was written in this contract. Their decision not to consult a professional resulted in them making full payment on the contract without any recourse when the contract's requirement were not fulfilled. This took eliminated the MSCC’s most powerful bargining chip.

How would you evaluate the job that Niele has already performed?
From what I gathered from the reading Niele’s past consulting experience, followed a similar path to solving problems similar to the problems MSCC experienced. I believe she should first to investigate the organization’s long and troubled information systems history to see if there are clues to keep her from making similar bad decisions like her predecessors. I would rate her highly for interviewing MSCC staff members which will help her get an idea of what of the current system’s deficiencies are and what the MSCC’s needs for the future resolution and elimination of said deficiencies. Her creation of an information systems committee was instrumental in flattening her

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