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Socrates’ Sides With? Through my reading of Plato’s Apology of Socrates and Crito, I have been able to see how Socrates makes important decisions and what he primarily bases his decisions on. As a individual person we have individual morals which lead us to our own moral or immoral decisions. Sometimes are own morals or beliefs might oppose the views of the state or the enforced law that clams to find justice. In this case we rely on our own beliefs that may be through passed down morals or through ones belief in a higher power to find justice. In my view I feel that Socrates respects the states law and ability to find justice but is willing to question it when his own morals or views on justice conflict with the …show more content…
Antigone sees the other side that Creon fails to see or recognize. Antigone feels that the States ruling is unjust and not moral. So she goes against the state because she feels her morals will be the right thing to do. Antigone says to Ismene her sister, “And now you can prove what you are: A true sister, or a traitor to your family.”(Antigone 190) From this one can see that Antigone feels that family comes before the state and since it has not she will go against the state and do what she feels is right. The question at hand is on what side would Socrates stand on, Creon’s or Antigone’s. I feel that Socrates has great respect for the state but is definitely not afraid to question officials to try and find Justice. He shows this attribute when he fights for his life in the Apology of Socrates. Prove of this is shown in the Apology when the Athenians other a deal to Socrates. They say they will let Socrates go as long as he promises to never to inquiry others and to stop philosophizing. They add that if they catch him continuing his practice that they will put him to death. Socrates responds, “Athenians, I respect and I love you, but I’ll obey the god rather than you.”(Apology of

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