Sociology Essay

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Sociology – Dan Monaghan.

Domestic violence is a major problem in the UK. It contributes to 1/6 of all violent crime in the UK. Some people have different opinions on what they feel if violent crime and what is not. The term domestic violence is when violent or aggressive behaviour within the household from your partner, usually the male but there are cases of females contributing to domestic violence.

In the UK altogether there are around 6.6 million assaults per year, the majority of the time these are violent acts from men towards the opposite sex, this is from a study created by Mirrless Black. The study showed that 99% of the violent acts where carried out by men towards women. The explanation for this is that the men want to
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Renting out household can cause an aspect of stress and a build up of anger that is caused from the pressure of having a lack of money. This anger and stress can lead to domestic violence, the problems people face with money, jobs and housing may result in this source of domestic conflict. Overall the pattern that is identified is the general stress that money can produce and the worse your financial status the more chance there is of domestic violence due to the main factor of the stress of it all.

On the other hand not all domestic violence cases are towards partner to partner at times the children can be the potential victims of this aspect of violence. Statistics show that there is even more chance of domestic violence happening towards children if they are in the lower class. A major factor once again that could potentially contribute to this is there financial power that the guardians of the child possess, this brings along the stress which leads to the domestic violence being produced. If the children are from the lower class it is also understood that they would be not as well behaved. This behaviour is caused by the poor standards that there parents have set within them not being an appropriate role model for the children. This all comes to the conclusion of the children frustrating there parents and all so annoying them which comes to the outcome of domestic violence. Overall the general pattern for this category

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