Sociology Essay

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The theme of the documentary “The Corporation” focuses

on the nature of corporations today on how they influence

change, damage culture, society, and our living environment

on a daily basis all in pursuit of larger profits. The

producers of the film explore the views and actions of

corporations by interviewing people from all sides of the

debate. The word “corporation” is defined as a group of

individuals working together to accomplish a goal, that

goal being making themselves and shareholders as much money

as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

In the movie, they showed the CEO of Pfiser walking

around outside of the Pfiser building greeting all the

bystanders commuting to work, walking
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Corporations are

rational in the fact that believe “to do it because of the

high amounts of money they can get” and therefore are

focused on quantity and assembly line manufacturing rather

than fine craftsmanship, and the feeling of “do it because

it’s a good thing to do, a learning experience”.

The dichotomy posed in the movie is between those that

feel life is utility and those who feel life is intrinsic.

Utility value is defined as usefulness; the quality of

practical use; serviceability. Overall its personal values

which are popularly held by a community, and how those

values might change under particular conditions. Different

groups of people may hold or priorities different kinds of

values influencing social behavior. Intrinsic value is the

demand for the commodity: the want-satisfying power of a

good or service. In the movie, basically all the

corporations are more focused on the intrinsic value rather

then the utility value. The money hungry corporations

strive to find ways to increase production to gain higher

financial gain, disregarding the utility value all

together. Examples from the movie are the corporations that

contaminate community’s drinking water, using up natural

resources, and are responsible for countless health

problems like cancer and birth defects. All because they

want money.

I have to admit after watching the film, I

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