Sociology of Dance Essay

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The movie I chose to write my sociology paper on is Center Stage. This recent teenage drama had a target audience drawn to us, the typical teenager. The main focus was a group of highly talented young dancers trying to break into the extremely competitive world of ballet by attending the prestigious American Ballet Academy. I found one of the subplots that focused on the character Maureen Cummings to yield many points that I could expand on for this paper. As we begin in the movie, we are introduced to the character Maureen Cummings, who we can truly say is a Prima Dona. She has been at the American Ballet Company since the age of nine, which is most of her life. Everyone there also knows her as being one of its best students, while …show more content…
422). It is Maureen’s bitchy attitude that is the component of her character that she is mostly known for. Although she is perceived as being one of the most exceptional of all the students at the academy it is her temperament that isolates her from others. This attitude also makes the audience realize that although Maureen may be good at what she does, she lacks the love for what she is doing. Attitude is the positive or negative evaluation or belief held about something which in turn may affect one’s behavior. Attitudes are usually broken down into cognitive, affective, and behavioral components (Narine pg. 509). As with Maureen’s character we can see how her negative attitude affects her behavior and can be categorized as having both behavioral and affective components. Further into the movie as Maureen’s character begins to develop and deepen we see the sort of relationship she has with her mother. The audience learns that Mrs. Cummings always had a dream to become a world renowned ballet dancer but she wasn’t good enough to make it. The audience can clearly come to the conclusion that Mrs. Cummings pushed her dreams onto her daughter and forced her at a young age to pursue them. Since Maureen has been trying to become a dancer all of her life she doesn’t fully understand that its not what she wants and that it’s actually been her mother persistence and

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