Essay on Sociology: Did Class Die?

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Some commentators claim that Britain is becoming a classless society, one where the stamp of class leaves only a faint impression on people’s lives. Before checking whether this statement is true or not, the definition of “class” should be fathomed first. In a broad sense, social class is a collection of similarly placed individuals from a certain social group, who not only share common interests, but also similar lifestyle and cultural identities (Giddens, 2009: 458). Another key phrase supposed to be clear is the “faint impression”, which indicates that the class system now only has little influence on people’s lives. This essay will first introduce three basic theories of social class-Functionalism, Marxism and Weberianism. After …show more content…
A fragmentary society means that the boundaries outlining the different level of classes become less clear or precise (Fulcher, Scott, 2007:801). One major cause is the occupational change and social mobility. With the expanding production and the advanced technology, occupational needs in primary economic sector as well as second economic sector decline, while it provides more job opportunities in tertiary economic sector, including service and commercial occupations. Therefore, numerous previous manual workers succeeded in getting rid of the dreary and monotonous work, getting closer to the living standards of middle class. At the same time, some wealthy executives or capitalists, who belonged to upper class prior, may mobile downwards along the class levels, as the booming growth of economy and increasing numbers of shareholders in the market make them less competitive compared to the past. Another factor causing fragmentary society is geographic alienation. That manual worker got higher standard living conditions caused them living far from each other. Lacking of interaction, the poor class solidarity emerges, far from being “class for itself”. After all, it was their dinking their fill in the pub previously that let them integrate and unit together. Thus, the differentiation between middle and working class is reduced. Attention should also be drawn in another influential change-the globalisation, which provides divers opportunities that

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