Sociology assinment Essay

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Mevish G Raja
Dr. Mahin Gosine
SOC 101
Virtue is a moral excellence. The person who is virtuous has very high standards that are admired. Virtues are very important these day. In order to have more productivity and be better than competitors leaders started to debunk rules and play fair in marketplace. Virtues are becoming things of past and because of that American people have to deal with leaders who are cheaters and liars. Virtues saves us living the life that is socially unaccepted. They also make us better person and those people who are around us. Virtues are better for society. Society without good morals fails. Owners and executives of large business corporation have been in trouble because of the lack of moral excellence. Many
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They break law and doing well for people is never their thing. Work is an effort that people make to achieve goals in life. Today work has become a vehicle that can be used to get good salaries and nice benefit packages. Work has been viewed negatively in many areas of the world that has affected United States the nobleman gets power and honor not from work but from wars, and politics. The Calvinist people who came to America saw work as sacred. They believe you can improve yourself and society by working. Laziness was not considered a good thing. Work helps us to be not dependent on other people. Work helps us realize our full potential. Leaders in the past worked hard and earned their money but leader in this time don’t want to work hard and be rich as quick as possible. Leaders are not afraid of law and do illegal things. People take advantage of marketplace easier. White-collar criminals are very hard to catch and more difficult to prosecute. Leaders have become arrogant and don’t want to work hard but work smarter. They do less to make more money. Work today is more focused on manufacturing. People don’t work to make society better but they work for their selves and they believe working less and making more is the key. Leaders today lack social conscience. They work for their own and not for society. They want bigger paycheck and more benefits and prey on those people who work

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