Sociology and Anticipatory Socialization Essay

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Dayana’s Group
Case Study
The Church Search

1.) How have Marsha’s experiences so far represented aspects of the anticipatory socialization process? Is it also possible to consider anticipatory socialization from the point of view of the church searching for a new pastor? What does anticipatory socialization look like from the organization’s point of view?

* There are a couple experiences Marsha went through so far that represent aspects of the anticipatory socialization process. The first is when she is in her living room reading through the profiles of churches, when she stubbles upon Nancy’s church she knew their values and mission matched her commitments. That’s where she got a general idea of Nancy’s congregation.
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Here is where the organization can get a glimpse of the work quality of the prospective employee. * Some questions Marsha should ask are questions to dig a little deeper into the organization where she can get a general since of what it would be to work as the pastor for Nancy’s church. Probably asking overt questions to get direct answers about her concerns or curiosities. * The interview will benefit both parties in the way that they will both gain more knowledge of each other. Marsha and the congregation will get asked questions and get to ask questions where they will gain more knowledge of each other’s values, goals, ambitions, motivation, personality, environment, and socialization. With more information learned from one another they can determine if the match with benefit each party.

3.) Assuming that Marsha eventually takes on the role of pastor with this church, what should she anticipate during her first few months in her new role? Are there steps that she can take before and after moving to Michigan to ease her transition? Are there steps the congregation can take to help her “makes sense” of life in the new church?

* Marsha should anticipate her superiors giving her different tasks, to learn about her skills and motivation to help her find her role. Then it will continue on to making her roll through exchange resources with superiors to develop her role definitions. * In the metamorphosis phase is the final stage of socialization

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